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Need a place for a pick-up game?

Finding a place to play a sport shouldn't be difficult. Use our simple search and GPS to find one of the recreations facilities near you.

Looking for a yoga class?

South Florida offers beautiful parks with lush open spaces to ease your mind and find your zen. There's a class happening at one of the local parks now!

Want to join a sports league?

Well look no further! We source the information for you to make it easy to find a league for adults or for our little ones.

Get out and find your Vybe!

Whatever it is you want to do, our goal is to help make it easy to find the information to LIVE YOUNG & BE ENERGIZED!

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Get started by exploring free events such as a yoga class in a park, basketball pickup games, or a meditation session on the beach.

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South Florida Club Sport

South Florida Club Sport is where you want to come and play your favorite sports, socialize with like minded people & party like you were in college.

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