Our Story

Welcome to SportsVybe, my name is Avrahm Kleinholz, I’m a father, an entrepreneur, and the founder of SportsVybe. This project started for the same reason many successful start-ups begin: I had a problem and there was no solution – So the venture to solve my problem began.

It started back in 2015 when I switched jobs that required me to travel over 40+ miles to work and another 40+ miles back home. Due to the distances and Miami traffic , I decided my best option would be to kill some time after work and get active.

I loaded up my basketball gear and set off to work. That day after work, I set out to locate a park nearby with basketball courts. It was clear to me that it wouldn’t be easy to connect with other athletes, but to my surprise, it was even more difficult to find a venue around me with basketball courts.

Yes, trying to identify local sports facilities was difficult in 2015. I was confident there was a park nearby that had courts; however, using Google only became frustrating because I kept getting results for Sports Authority. Well, it’s sufficed to say, this simple task began an entrepreneurial expedition for me, and SportsVybe was born.

I’m excited to share my passion for sports and fitness with the community, as well as connecting with others that are equally interested in recreational sports. Learn more about what SportsVybe offers the community here. Thank you for your support and interest.